Customer rate and review your products

Rating & Review

Our Rating and Review Software (SaaS) lets your customers share their honest feedback on your website. Customer feedback improves the purchasing decision-making process to drive sales and decrease returns.
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Questions and Answers solution

Q&A Solution

Our Q&A solution is fully customizable, providing a ready to use question and answer system for your website. Our Q&A widgets let customers ask questions about your products, while staying on your site within the purchase path.
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Social Commerce

Salesforce Integration

Our integration allows companies to engage with their customers, integrating the consumer generated Ratings and Reviews or Questions and Answers back into Salesforce, increasing sales and improving product innovation.
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Follow-up email marketing

Follow-up Email

Follow up emails can help you build your email outreach after the purchase as well as before. It helps you learn whether your customers are happy with their product, encourages future purchases and attracts more customers.
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Features Moderation Email API Language Social Commerce
Top features
multi-dimensional rating Weighted multi-dimensional rating system
Seemless customization Seamless moderation, customization and integration
Social management Social management
Authentication system and shopping cart Integration with your authentication system and shopping cart
API and FTP on a daily basis Your ratings and reviews API and FTP on a daily basis
On page SEO On-page Search Engine Optimized customer ratings and reviews
Review tags and keywords Review tags and keywords
Your customers feedback
Since the launch of Rating System in 2008, we've watched the service grow rapidly with newly added features on a regular basis making Rating System the best it can be. We are now watching over 5500 companies / websites who have integrated our services generating in excess of 8 Million Page-Views per day*.
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