Post purchase follow up email marketing

After the sale, follow-up emails are all about customer loyalty, retention, upsell and crosssell
Congratulations! Your customer just made a purchase. Now you start focusing on retention, customer loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell. Our Follow up Email Marketing can help you build your business after the sale. It helps you learn whether your customers are happy with their purchases, associated services (customer care, delivery options, shipping), pricing, and encourages future purchases. It is also an opportunity for them to spread the word about deals to their friends. We ensure there is continuity between your site and your post-purchase emails.
Post purchase

Post Purchase Follow-up

Incentivize to leave a review, you are gaining a valuable review, as well as increasing the chance they will come and spend with you again.
Follow up email on mobile

Happy Birthday Email

Personalised birthday emails had almost five times the transaction rate of standard email. Catching customers while they are celebrating.
Follow up email on mobile
Customer service email

Customer Service Email

Asking about recent exprerience and encouraging micro-conversions like following on social can be a great way of keeping in touch.
Referrals request email

Referrals Request Email

We make referring friends simple and clear while also offering an incentive for customer with a credit for every referral.
Taking the time to make the post-purchase experience special for each and every customer is one of the best ways for you to leave an impression. Reviews are becoming a key component of the purchase process, and follow up emails will encourage the posting of reviews. We will make all this possible with multiple email templates, completely customizable with mobile first approach.

Follow up marketing will boost your close rate and dramatically increase your customer satisfaction. Start winning more sales today by implementing your own email marketing system.

Key Benefits
Creates dialogue inside your customer community
Great way to grow your review content.
Provides an additional touch point with your customers
Additional revenue from follow-on purchases
Fresh SEO content can help boost your SEO
Shares knowledge and encourages collaboration
Rating System is the ideal partner to help you manage your online rating and reviews. Create profitable customer relationships for your business. More features ยป

Active, loyal purchasers are the best types of customers to have if you want to enjoy sustainable success as an ecommerce business.