Rating System Analytics - product-level insights you can integrate into your business processes

Rating System real-time analytics solution enables you to identify business opportunities and accelerate responses to customer needs. It lets you mine all of that data for the business intelligence and analyzes structured and unstructured feedback from your customers. It highlights the most important areas for businesses to react to. The reports are delivered via an intuitive graphical dashboard and also available for download in multiple output formats.

Reviews and Q&A Trends

Carefully analyzing customer reviews and taking action based on customer comments will help you strongly influence buying behavior and drive commerce.
Reviews and Q&A trends allow you to assess how your data has changed over time and see if the number of satisfied customers has gone up or down over the course of the year.
This allows the business owner to measure the extent to which business changes have impacted customer satisfaction.

Breakdown by star ratings - highest and lowest rated products

The Rating Breakdown allows you to create a visualization that displays the number of reviews that are associated with each star rating.
Captures and flags product issues surfaced in negative reviews.
This allows the business to develops manufacturer and supplier feedback from reviews and keywords.

Tagged Keywords

Search phrases and keywords help search engines and tag services add up your keyword counts and classify your review content. They help rank your placement in search results.
Help meet the needs of customers. This leads to better brand awareness and sales.
Keywords and tags provide additional navigation on your site, like an index reference.

Follow-up email marketing conversion

Follow-up marketing will boost your closing rate, dramatically increase your customer satisfaction, and create an additional opportunity to engage with your customers and learn from them.
The point of follow-up emails is to increase the visibility of your brand and help increase revenue.
This allows the business to measure and optimize follow-up email performance.


The Most Active Users give you a robust insight into your customers performance.
PageViews – Shows you how many people visited your site where the widget is installed.

Report by date range

The Reports option will provide visibility, within a defined period of time, of ALL ratings/review and/or questions/answers within your company, give you ability moderate/edit/delete/email/export all your ratings/reviews/questions/answers.
Data available for download in multiple output formats

Social Insights

Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly important partners in aggregating customers feedback on relevant products and services.
Ratings and reviews give customers a voice, increase confidence, enhance product visibility, and finally increase sales.
Rating System automatically update your Facebook account with the latest customer social reviews. We provide you a wide suite of in-depth analytics in order to help you understand what your customers need.