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Logging into the

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Create a RatingBox

Click "Widgets Setup" -> "Create New Box" using navigation on your administration area.
RatingBox Definition
RatingBox is a place holder(widget) for your:
  • "Submit Rating and Review area"
  • "Read Existing Reviews area"
  • "Average Rating", "Summary"
  • different combo boxes and more
Step 1: Choose template
Using this step you will set your ratingbox look and feel.
Step 2: Write review box

Using this step you will be able to customize write review area.
Step 3: Read reviews box

Using this step you will be able to customize read reviews area.

List of Active Widgets

After you create a RatingBox, you will be redirected to "Active Widgets" page, where you can see all your RatingBoxes, get your RatingBoxes code you may use on your website.
  • A. - you can always return to that page later using navigation menu on your left
  • B. - you can see many widgets we pre-built for you to use on your website. "Click to Preview and Get the code"
You can always edit your RatingBox properties by clicking "Edit Rating Dimensions and/or Features" link.

Get codes for your website

  • Click on any link in 'Widget Code' column to get your widget code
  • In pop-up window, please copy the code
  • Paste this script into your pages where you want the Widget to be displayed.
  • Optional: you can replace the 'window.location.href' part with the permalink URL of the item(product) that's being rated.
    "ProductCode": encodeURIComponent(''),
    You only need to do that if you want to present more than one rating box widget on the same page. Use different values for r_itemid. Or if you want to collect reviews on one page and present them on another page.
  • That is it. RatingBox will appear on your website.

Review Tags and Keywords

  • Click on "My Categories" navigation menu
  • Choose category you want to assign and/or modify tags/keywords
  • By clicking "Add Tag" button you can add new tags to your product category
  • Place a check mark (āˆš) by any tags if you want to delete it, and click "Delete" button
  • That is it. Tags will appear on your ratingbox if you have "Add Tag" option visible(option you can choose when you create/edit your ratingbox)
* This page might be used to add/edit product categories.

Reports and Ratings/Reviews Management

The Reports option will provide visibility, within a defined period of time, of ALL ratings/review and/or questions/answers within your company, give you ability moderate/edit/delete/email/export all your ratings/reviews/questions/answers.
  • Reports by date range
  • Reports by product
  • Conversion Sales
  • Most Active User IPs
Approve Approve - Click to approve
Moderate Edit - Click to moderate, approve, edit.
Delete Delete - Click to delete that entry
Email Email - Click to forward a review to another person
- A Verified Member is a person who has confirmed their email address. This is intended to identify people who are submitting reviews using their real email addresses.
- This is your staff member review.

My Company Information

"Account Settings" -> "My Company Info" page provides a detailed look at :
  • Company Information
  • Email Notification Settings
  • Additional filters: Entity Filters, Blocked IPs, Blocked Words
  • You system average rating calculation type: Simple Average or Bayesian Average
All information that has been provided to (during initial set up) will be visible on this screen. Note: Bayesā€™ Theorem - Wikipedia

Billing and Invoices

That page provides a detailed look at :
  • Subscription Information
  • Previous Subscription Payments Information - List of previous invoices
  • Previous Fee Payments Information - List of previous fee invoices, if any customization or custom development

Change Password

This interface will allow you to change your Password.

  • Click Change Password
  • Enter in the following
    • Old Password
    • New Password
    • Confirm New Password
  • Click SAVE
Note: Password must be a minimum of 6 characters
Click CANCEL if you do not want to change the password