Salesforce Integration

In the world of CRM, Salesforce is simply king. It practically delivers everything you need to establish and direct an astonishing customer experience.

Salesforce Integration

So how can we benefit from this high-powered solution?

Our Salesforce integration allows our clients to automatically collect information from Rating System’s Ratings & Reviews or Q&A into a Case in your Salesforce account. Conditions can be applied using advanced logic to identify certain respondents that will be saved in Salesforce and ones that will not. Additionally, the user can build customer loyalty and deliver the best possible customer service by unifying the customers’ data across Service Cloud, mobile, web and on premise environments to close the loop, helping you become a valued customer-centric company. This also increases sales by integrating customer questions into your already existing sales support workflows. You can also drastically improve the product innovation cycles by integrating product reviews into product insight.

Our integration allows companies to engage with their customers and integrate their consumer generated content (Ratings, Reviews, Q&A) back into Salesforce.

This capability enables companies to combine Salesforce customer management with Rating System content, improving the effectiveness of Salesforce Service.

Note: Integration with Salesforce is a premium service requiring activation. For more information, please contact us.