Ratings & Reviews And Q&A Software Integration

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Rating System Integration

3 Easy Steps Set Up Your Rating & Review And Q&A System

Integration Step One
  Register with us. You receive access and privileges to use our tools.

Integration Step Two
  Create your rating boxes or/and Q&A boxes using the tools we provide.

Integration Step Three
  We provide the required Javascript code to place on your web site.

Take a look at the Rating & Review Demo and Q&A Demo Pages

All questions we receive regularly from our customers are covered in our Help Center, you can browse through different categories to find the topic you are looking for.
Customer Ratings and Reviews Solution

Getting Started

Create a free account to begin using the online rating system.
Everything is accomplished by logging into your registered account.
Paid subscriptions provide access to the premium features and additional options.
Step 1: Create your account by clicking on the [SIGN UP NOW] button located on the homepage.
Step 2: You are prompted to enter a Company name, Email(it is you unique username) and password to create an account.
After an account is created - you will be redirected to "Create New Rating Box" page, you can always return to that page under the Setup > Create New Rating Box.
NOTE: The password field is case sensitive.
Once you begin designing your RatingBox on the Setup > Create New Rating Box page.
1. Type the ratingbox Name text into the provided textbox(Use more generic name that can be used for all products in the same category).
2. Type the ratingbox Description text into the provided textbox (Description text will be used for [?] popup tips).
3. Choose to add any of the additional features, e.g., custom questions, set to required fields, etc.
4. Click the [Save] button when you are finished.
5. You will be redirected to the Setup > Active Widgets page, where you can get a code for diffrent widgets styles/modes.
NOTE: We recommend to create one ratingbox per product category and reuse the same widget for all your products in the same category.
Your company administrator/moderator can edit ratings and reviews at any time to correct spelling, add tags, recategorize(future development), or simple re-write a review. To Edit a review or rating, find a review using "Report by date range" report, click the “Edit” icon.
NOTE: All reviews must be approved before listing.
At any time, you can edit or permanently delete ratings and reviews. Deleting a review will not remove all ratings, you need to delete ratings if needed too. Once deleted, a review or ratings cannot be restored. To delete a review or rating, find a review using "Report by date range" report, click the “Delete” icon and confirm the deletion.
  • Create Rating Box Widget first.
  • Click on any link in 'Widget Code' column to get your widget code.
  • Copy and Paste the script we provide into your pages where you want the Widget to be displayed.
  • Optional: you can replace the 'window.location.href' part with the permalink URL of the item(product) that's being rated.
    You only need to do that if you want to present more than one rating box widget on the same page. Use different values for r_itemid
    var r_itemid=encodeURIComponent('http://www.yourdomain.com/product.aspx?id=10001');
  • Do not remove "Powered by" section, please contact us first if you need to do it.
  • Rating Box is a collection of rating elements (rating dimensions).
  • If you don't want to allow anonymous rating and review, please change "var r_userid = '0';" and "var r_userid = 'UserID';" dynamically when user is logged in and '0' if not.
  • You can use our login/signup implementation, please change var r_userid = '';
  • Please contact us if you want any language localization

How Can I show Top Rated content?
If you install our rating widget, you can use the "Top Rated" widget we provide. "Top Rated" widget is often placed on the left or right navigation bar of your site.