Demo Part Two

Here you can see our SEO integrations on our clients pages. You can try to play with our web widget builder to see our customization options - Widget builder
Presenting reviews next to your product information can incourage consumers who have intent to purchase. Reviews are SEO friendly, improve search engine rankings and drive customers to product pages. It's custom implementation using rating system API.

Rating dimensions can be customized from the traditional star-based assessment to more custom ratings criteria.

Reviews content gives other consumers information and assurance with regard to their own choices, informs and educates consumers.

Research shows that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision and they can produce an average 18% additional in sales implementing ratings and reviews.
Embedded social tools allow reviewers to share their reviews on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We have made our API available to programmers in four standard languages: JavaScript, .Net, Java, PHP. Developers can create entirely custom features and functionality without the expensive and effort of building and maintaining databases. RESTFull API is also available.
Multi dimensional rating let reviewers rate specific product features. Improve customer loyalty.
Word of mouth and referrals really take off when contributions have ability to travel from your community to the Social networks.