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Increase your trust factors
Every year, the amount of money being spent online is expanding exponentially and it has become essential that website owners take advantage of this on this traffic to their business sites. Ratings and reviews systems on websites are a primary way in which to aide visitors to take action and improve click through rates. By using a ratings and reviews optimization of a site becomes much more simpler.

Whichever type of website reviews and ratings system you may be using, it is undeniable from basic statistics that if you generate and manage reviews to place on your website, they will both draw in new shop surfers, and even begin to steadily increase sales!

Cycle of trust

If you begin to get visitor interaction and slowly earn their confidence, which is backed up by increasing social signals, you will build up something called “domain dominance”. The increased organic and natural linking to your site and pages show this dominance to the major search engines’ (such as Google) ‘bots’. You are also more likely to get more return visitors, and with that you are increasing social interaction.

The build up of all the trust in every aspects of your website interface (via the ratings and reviews) will rise. Every time you generate ratings/reviews or a user makes a comment, it provides a correlating review for you, and it increases your trust factors. Very shortly, you will come to realized that your product reviews become more trusted with a little less feedback. Review optimization is the key.

The internet revolution today has taken word of mouth marketing to a wholenew level. Consumers have the ability to share their experiences and opinions withtheir peers, in a way that is extremely influential and powerful. Online ratings and reviews give customers a strong and opinionated voice, increase consumer confidence, intensify product visibility, and can increase sales very dramatically. When it comes down to the wire, online ratings and reviews provide incredible value and benefits that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Some nice new features
A couple of days ago we released some changes, added some nice new features and fixed quite a few bugs.

The biggest new features in this release:
  • We have moved our New Web Widget builder out of beta
  • Rewrote customer review and question moderation pages, made them responsive and easily accessible on any mobile or desktop devices
  • Added send an email functionality when review is posted
  • Added date range search option to follow up sent emails report
  • Added separate email template management console - Account Settings->Email Template
  • Email template option was added to support default notification for clients when review gets posted

We also spent most of this release cycle fixing customer issues and enhancement requests. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we developed this.

We rewrote our User Guide, now much easier to navigate and read. We even made it responsive so our content is accessible on any computer or device.

We hope you enjoy all of the work we put into the site and service.
Mobile review moderation

Generate your SEO integration package
Today billions of users have access to the internet, each day they use search engines to find products and services. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has become an important part of business growth and customer attraction.

We provide SEO integration packages for our clients, and now they can generate them online, download and install. We are covering four major platforms: Java, PHP, .NET and Classic ASP. We provide it now for each widget/ratingbox, our clients can access that functionality on the Active Widgets page.
Generate your SEO integration package
This is a sample result SEO integration package provides here.

Our SEO integration package provides Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex with much more granular information about products or service in a manner that is officially sanctioned by search engines. It means of providing very exact e-commerce information to the search engines in exactly the form they want it.

Rich Snippet Benefits
It increases visibility and credibility in the SERPs when search engines generate rich snippets for a product in the search results. Here is a rich snippet in Google for a service on IntelliQuote, which uses schema.org Product and Review markup.
Google is hungry for rich snippet markup.

Generate your SEO integration package

Rich Snippets Testing Tool allows you to make sure you have implemented Schema.org correctly.

New Web Widget Builder
Today we would like to announce a new version of our Web Widget Builder. Our widget builder makes it super easy to create and edit different types of widgets. You can also use this builder to add more features to your product rating and review system.

You can create widgets in minutes using our new Widget Builder.
It helps you to build more advanced widgets than what our competitors provide you with by default, without the need to touch a line of code.

What you see on the right is a very functional tool in the right hands. If you have a good understanding of HTML and CSS, you can add/edit Custom CSS to achieve most things, but we believe that you should only have to resort to coding by hand as a last option. You can create new widgets by clicking on the “Create New Box” option under the Widgets Setup section on your admin sidebar.

There are three areas that you need to concern yourself with:
  • The widget template
  • The widget Write reviews area
  • The widget Read reviews area
All of the fields are pre-populated with default values, so you have a high level of flexibility in terms of what you show, how you want to show and where.
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At the end of the day, using our Widget Builder rather than Custom CSS is much like using a visual editor rather than a HTML/CSS editor. There will always be people who like a manual approach, but we will always go for the least path of resistance.

Your company/brand level testimonials
Client testimonials are a powerful tool you can use to gain credibility and trust to generate more business.

In addition to product reviews, Rating-System provides you solution for your company/brand level testimonials. Online testimonials as well as reviews in the press are the pieces of content that consumers are viewing before they are reaching out to companies. When used correctly, reviews add credibility and help alleviate any concerns your prospects may have when purchasing your product or service.

More and more customers are using online reviews to inform themselves and encourage their purchasing decisions. Customer will have an easier time trusting your company when they see that previous clients were happy with their experience.

While customers continue to place a high value on user testimonials, quality and integrity of review content becomes even more important. We have solution for you and take actions to to protect reviews from a variety of fraudulent and inauthentic practices.

We make sure 100% of the reviews are offered from real customers that have had real first-hand experience with your business. We can filter out fraud and spam reviews, our technology is used to identify the submission source of all reviews. We make sure reviews are not altered or deleted in any way by anyone other than the actual author. Low volume and quality of reviews can be the decisive factor in customer decision not to deal with your company. The worst kind of positive testimonial is one that is too general: "XYZ Company is great!" or "John Doe’s agency was wonderful to work with." These testimonials don't say anything about your benefits.

We encourage your customers to write reviews about their experiences with your product and support team. If you are confident in your product or service - your customers should be too. On the right you can see sample follow up email that can be used to request customer review recent experience with your support or sales people.

With our automated emailing solution, we make sure you collect an accurate picture of what people think about your business. We identify each customer to ensure integrity. Satisfied clients are often more than happy to be interviewed about their experience using your product or service.
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Customer testimonials are an important part of your marketing program and online business.

Ratings summary with rich snippet
Our new ratings summary can be added to the top of the product reviews page.
Customer can click the little icon icon to see a more detailed breakdown of the reviews. Customer can see the value and quality ratings and can filter out reviews by rating.

Our online review system provides functionality to collect, distribute and aggregate feedback and comments about consumers’ past behavior. One of the major purposes of online reviews is to enhance consumers’ trust, which in turn reinforces their purchase decisions.

The average rating based on multiple ratings or reviews. We format Ratings Summary using schema.org AggregateRating markup Google will discover it the next time it crawls your site and rich snippets will appear in search results.

Please, check our ratings summary in action HERE

Our brand new Rating-System Dashboard
We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Rating-System Dashboard, built on a mobile friendly responsive platform to create the most up-to-date user experience. Our Dashboard helps you understand all aspects of your use of the platform.

This new dashboard is adaptive and responsive to work across various browser sizes, mobile and tablets. We continue to focus on improving our user experience at every stage of the ratings and reviews process. It provides standard reporting and lets our customers drill in to any details of the data behind the reports.

To sum up all of the new dashboard features:

  • Adapts to any device and screen size
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • New, clean and improved design
  • The same creativities for all devices

Use the power of rich snippets

Your potential customers are most likely to click on search results that have pictures, star ratings and videos. Rich snippets are micro-data which are used to provide additional information about your product or service and give your potential customer every reason to click on your website instead of the competitor's.
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a. Presenting reviews next to your product information can encourage consumers who have intent to purchase, improve search engine rankings and drive customers to product pages.
b. Rating dimensions can be customized from the traditional star-based assessment to more custom ratings criteria.
c. Customers can quickly access a summary of pros, cons and best uses, that raises customer confidence in a product.

Power of Twitter with ratings and reviews
Today, Rating-System.com launches a new integration for Twitter, bringing together the power of Twitter with ratings and reviews, the world’s leading social media management system.

Once you connect a Twitter account to our system and start promoting new products reviews - we begin gathering data on it. These metrics help you quickly evaluate whether your Twitter strategy is having the desired effects and how much traffic Twitter brings to your site. This approach encourages tweets that are engaging, relevant and useful.

Our customers can find more information and get started now.

Towards this goal, we’re always working on ways to make it easier to manage and get more value working with us. That integration shows its most value on the reporting front, presenting you details such as clicks, re-tweets, replies and conversions. We integrate social media metrics with exquisite charts and graphs.
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Expanding into social commerce areas
Rating System has taken word of mouth marketing to the next level. Consumers have the ability to share their experiences, product reviews with their peers, in a way that is extremely influential and powerful. Our solution is expanding into social application areas.

It allows our customers to:
  • Engage in dialogue, join the conversation about products and services
  • Stimulate more conversations among customers
  • Accelerate shoppers’ decision making
  • Post questions and receives social answers
  • Answer consumer questions directly through social networks
Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly important partners in aggregating customers feedback on relevant products and services. Customer reviews are carrying more power than ever before — and a growing number of retailers are tracking every word that's said about them in social media.

Ratings and reviews give customers a voice, increase confidence, enhance product visibility, and finally increase sales. In addition Rating System provides social commerce functionality, with social commerce you can join the conversation, understand your customers and engage with them. Listening to consumers helps retailers improve their offering, marketing and customer support. A retailer wants to expose deep content to customers who may not otherwise see it - functionality available now, only one click away. It gives you a power to create a presence that collects fans/followers on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, enabling it to push promotions – as well as observe and participate in dialogue among followers. Additionally, this functionality provides feedback to companies and manufacturers about the strengths and weaknesses of their products. Software enables you to drive those conversations so you can attract, engage and retain more customers, provides reviews, recommendations and solutions that have an immediate impact on your bottom line, and turn product reviews into insights that can guide your business. Rating System ensures that every customer review is from a real buyer and commits to publishing all product reviews, good or bad, enhancing credibility and trust.

To summarize:
  • Rating System automatically update your Facebook account with the latest customer social reviews
  • Your followers can leave comments, share and click on the posts to read the reviews.
  • We provide you a wide suite of in-depth analytics in order to help you understand what your customers need.
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